7 November 2013

Helen Lederer – WTF

7 November 2013
28 November – catch another performance of WTF more special guests

Helen Lederer asks… Why The Fuss?

Helen returns with her comedic exploration of the meaning of life, teasing out answers for the time we have left. ‘Is there a point?’, ‘what’s better: laughter or sex?’ and ‘Does anyone use side-plates anymore?’ Following hot on the heels of WTF?, Helen will welcome some top secret guests to help her make sense of it all.  Music from DB COHEN www.soundcloud.com/dancohen

Lederer is readying herself to tease out the meaning of life again with eminent star guests. 7 November sees a unique and classy all-female line-up. Helen welcomes talented singer, dancer, actress and one fifth of Girls Aloud, Kimberley Walsh, award-winning, wonderfully controversial journalist Suzanne Moore and very special feminist writer known for her sharp political commentary Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Helen can barely sleep with excitement…

‘Existential wit from the wonderfully wacky Lederer. Cleverly insane.” The Observer

Warning: Audience members may be asked to contribute epistemological solutions.

Helen returns on 28th November.  Book tickets here!

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