Wheelchair Bookings: Access is on street level and the seats will be located in row N of the auditorium.  Please contact the Box Office 0844 264 2140 to book these allocated seats

Hard of Hearing:  We have a Sennheiser infrared hearing system in operation in the auditorium, we would recommend sitting in rows A-L.  We have two types of hearing device.  The first are headphones that amplify the sound, the second is a necklace loop that can work in conjunction with your hearing aid.  Please see an usher, duty manager or a member of the Box Office team to get whichever device is suitable for needs.

Please note that the auditorium does have a fairly steep rake and we would recommend those that have difficulty walking/mobility issues to sit towards the rear of the auditorium (Rows M&N)


We have a lift that can take you from street level down to the studio level.  Please contact the Box Office on 0844 264 2140 to make this booking as the studio is an unreserved area and we want to ensure that all our customers are accommodated.

Please note that we do not have a hearing system in place in the studio.

If you have any access questions or queries please contact box office on 0844 264 2140.

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